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Assessment of Patients Diagnosed With Aortic Dissection in Our Emergency Department During the Past Five Years


Background: The aortic dissection is a cardiovascular emergency with a high mortality rate which needs emergent rapid diagnosis and treatment. The patients admitted to ED who have been diagnosed as aortic dissection discussed in this retrospective study aiming demonstration of demographic features.

Material and Methods: Between August 2010 - August 2015 about 40 patients who admitted to Inonu university hospital ED have been diagnosed as aortic dissection discussed in this retrospective study. Patients files evaluated; the age, sex, past medical history, chief complaints, the duration between onset of complaint and admission to ED, blood pressure and other vital signs, echocardiographic changes, and whether there was aortic insufficiency or not were evaluated

Results: All patients’ chief complaint was chest pain. About 75% of patients were admitted to emergency department within first 24 hour of onset of chest pain De Bakey type1, type 2 and type 3 were discussed as 70 %, 22.5%, and 7.5% respectively.  20% patients were hypertensive and 17.5% were hypotensive. 35% of patient’s blood urea level were elevated. 95% of all these patients’ undergone surgical operation, and reminder 5% patients medically followed up.  At the end 82.5% of patients discharged with a full recovery while 17.5% died.

Conclusions: Aortic dissection is highly mortal cardiovascular emergency in our country which requires rapid diagnosis and evaluation by ED physician in order to decide the appropriate treatment options without time loss.

Ali Gür