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A Rare Cause of Spontaneous Pneumomediastinum: High Altitude


Introduction: Spontaneous pneumomediastinum (SP) is defined as presence of air within the mediastinum. SP is a rare, mild and self-limiting condition in young males. The etiology includes sudden increase in alveolar pressure, pulmonary diseases, labor, inhalation of toxic agents and high altitude rarely.

Case Report: A 30-year old male patient who were in a high-altitude province 10 days ago admitted to emergency room caused by dyspnea. Physical examination was normal. The complaint of dyspnea continued, computerized thorax tomography (CTT) was taken for diagnosis. In the CTT, air densities were observed in the posterior mediastinum. The patient was admitted to the thoracic surgery service with the diagnosis of spontaneous pneumomediastinum.

Conclusion: SP is a self-limiting clinical condition which responds to conservative therapy well. However, the diagnosis is difficult and it is necessary to keep in mind the diagnosis with anamnesis and physical examination.

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