E-ISSN 2667-8721

Aortic Dissection in Different Clinical Findings : Case Series


Aortic dissection occurs as a result of the rupture of the internal wall of the aorta, and it is an emergency. We aimed to present 5 cases diagnosed with Aortic dissection that visited us with typical/atypical symptoms which have very high mortality rates in cases where the diagnosis is not made. The ages of the patients who were all male were in the range of 49-66. Two patients were brought due to complaints of chest pain, two were brought for syncope and one was brought for abdominal pain. Additionally, there was a clinical case of stroke in one of the patients who was brought for chest pain. All the patients were hospitalized in the department of CVS for their monitoring and treatment. Our provisional diagnosis must definitely consider acute Aortic dissection which has a high mortality rate especially when patients with uncontrolled or newly diagnosed hypertension visit emergency services with complaints of severe chest, back and/or abdominal pain, and when there is an incidence of atypical syncope or stroke.

Keywords: Aortic dissection, stroke, abdominal pain, syncope

Muhammed Ekmekyapar