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Discussion of Mechanical Chest Compression Device Usage in Cardiac Arrest Cases in Hospitals in Light of Recent Literature


The most important goal of cardio-pulmonary resuscitation is to provide adequate blood flow to brain and heart by return of spontaneous circulation and this can be performed by chest compressions in cardio-pulmonary resuscitation. The most important fact for providing the best circulation is immediate, fast, continuous and high quality chest compression in 2015 American Heart Association (AHA) guideline. Therefore various mechanical chest compression devices are developed recently for more efficient chest compressions and entered the clinical usage. These devices may be considered for use in situations such as prolonged CPR, low number of rescuers, hypothermic cardiac arrest, ambulances in motion, extracorporeal CPR, during angiography which makes it difficult to perform high quality CPR. Apart from these conditions, mechanical chest compression devices should not be preferred to manual chest compression in in-hospital cardiac arrest cases.

Keywords: Cardiac Arrest, CPR, Device

Eurasian J Critical Care 2019; 1 (3):97-102