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A Rare Trauma Complication: Pneumopericardium


Pneumopericardium is a rare condition that is defined as the presence of fre eair in the pericardial space. Although it is secondary to the most frequent traumatic or iatrogenic causes, it can rarely be seen spontaneously. A 32-year-old female patient was brought to our emergency service by 112 due to a car accident. Radiological imaging of the patient revealed spinous process fracture in thoracic vertebra (ninth thotacic vertebra), sacroiliac joint dissociation, iliac wing, pubis, ischium and femur diaphysis fracture. There was minimal free fluid under the spleen and the pelvis. Thorax tomography revealed multiple rib fractures and fractures in the left clavicle. In addition, wide spread contusion and hemopneumothorax were observed in the left lung. In addition, air density was determined in the pericardial space and mediastinum. Consultations were requested for the patient and the patient was admitted to the intensive care unit for further examination and treatment. Pneumopericardium can be defined as the presence of air in the pericardial space. In case of clinical suspicion for diagnosis of pneumopericardium, further investigation with thorax tomography and echocardiography is required. In the emergency services, which are the first referral places of multiple traumas, they should keep in mind the diagnosis of pneumopericardium in these patients, especially when chest trauma is accompanied by these patients.

Keywords: Trauma, emergency medicine, pneumopericardium

Eurasian J Critical Care 2019; 1 (3): 121-122
Case Report