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Exposure to Infrared Light: Case Series


Introduction : Infrared rays(IR) have been used in many areas in recent years and nowadays, many devices have been developed with the aim of heating in open,closed areas working with infrared technology.IR can cause retinopathy.They have the risk of developing periocular skin burns, corneal epitheliopathy,retinopathy.In this study, we wanted to talk about eight cases who were exposure with infrared light in a chemical manufacturing factory where Infrared light was used for drying and all of 8 patients had burning, stinging, watering,redness in the eyes.

Case: 8 men with ages between 18-33were admitted to the emergency department with burning, stinging, watering, redness in their eyes.It was learnt that it was started after taking a photo in daylight with infrared light that they used to dry the chemical materials at the factory where they were working. In the physical examination, there was watering,hyperemia in both eyes.Eye movements, pupil diameters,light reflexes were natural.Analgesic eye drops and saline irrigations were performed as a first intervention.Afterwards, the cases’ eyes were closed with eye closing tapes in order to minimize the photosensitivity,ophthalmology consultation were requested.Analgesic drops were given after ophthalmology consultation and outpatient follow-up was planned,they were discharged.

Conclusion: The use of infrared-ray devices outside of the production purpose can cause eye irritation in the simplest form, as in our study.For this reason, having more warning instructions which are put by the production company in the manual will protect us from the many health problems, users must pay attention to these instructions before they use those device

Keywords: Eye, Infrared

Eurasian J Critical Care 2019; 1 (3): 103-104
Case Series