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A Case of Intraabdominal Bleeding Presented with Massive Hemothorax


Massive hemothorax is generally occurred due to intercostal artery injury, lung laceration, major vessel injury, or diaphragmatic rupture. Diagnosing a diaphragm injury can be difficult and requires high suspicion, especially when the patient has other related serious injuries. Diaphragm injury is often discovered in patients undergoing laparotomy to examine other abdominal injuries. Here we report a case of abdominal bleeding that occurred after blunt trauma resulted in massive hemothorax because of blood drainage into the thorax through the ruptured diaphragm without radiological abnormalityand its successful treatment.

Keywords: Massive hemothorax, diaphragmatic rupture, liver laceration, inferior vena cava injury.

Eurasian J Critical Care 2020; 2 (3):243-245
Case Report