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Hepatic Portal Venous Gas in Emergency Department: A Case Report


A 73-year-old man had vomiting for 15 days and severe abdominal pain for 2 days. Abdominal examination showed widespread tenderness and defense. Computed tomography showed gas images in the portal and mesenteric veins (porto-mesenteric venous gas), wall thickening in all intestinal loops and intramural gas image in the intestinal wall (pneumatosis intestinalis). The patient who had a high surgical risk died after the operation. In this article, we aimed to discuss the differential diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of HPVG in patients with current literature.
Keywords: Mesenteric ischemia, Pneumatosis intestinalis, Porto-mesenteric venous gas

ReportEurasian J Critical Care 2020; 2 (3):246-248
Case Report