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A Case Report: Renal Colic in the Pelvic Kidney


Renal colic is a frequent cause of application to the emergency room. Although it is a condition that requires conservative treatment, it can often be confused with clinical conditions that may require surgical intervention and complications such as urinary tract infection and acute kidney failure mayor cur. In this case, were viewed 49 year old male patient who has lower abdominal pain due to ureteral stone and did not know that he had a pelvic kidney. Because of leukocytosis and vomiting, acute appendicitis was considered as prediagnosis, but abdominal CT imaging of patient showed a left pelvic kidney and 5 mm calcule in the middle part of the ureter. Keywords: Calculus, Pelvic kidney, Renal ectopia

Eurasian J Critical Care 2020; 2 (3):252-253
Case Report