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Evaluation of Tracheatomies Performed by Percutaneous Dilatation Method in Adult Intensive Care Unit

Aim: Percutaneous dilatation tracheotomy in our clinic; It is opened using the advantages and methods of Griggs (GWDR) and Ciaglia Blue Rhino (CBR). We wanted to share our one-year experience with you.

Method: In the study that we retrospectively examined tracheotomies performed in adult intensive care in 2019-2020; Demographic data of patients, SOFA scores, intensive care, tracheotomy, intubation days, complications, mortality and morbidity were recorded.

Results: A total of 50 patients, 33 females, 17 males, were included in the study. The mean age is 65,54 ± 15,95. BMI was 26,94 ± 2,75. Ciaglia was used in 22 patients and Griggs method was used in 28 patients. Tracheotomy opening day is 10,45 ± 1,27. Griggs method; It was found to be significantly higher in terms of complications (6 minor bleeding, 1 emphysema, 1 lack of ventilation) (p = 0,001). Mortality (independent of tracheotomy method and complications) was significantly higher in the Griggs method (p = 0,005).

Conclusion: Except for minor differences, no significant difference was found between both GDWR method and CBR method in the study.

Keywords: Griggs, Ciaglia Blue Rhino®, percutaneous dilatational tracheotomy, complications

Eurasian J Critical Care 2021; 3 (1):7-9
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