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Evaluation of the Awareness of Chronic Kidney Disease Among Patients Receiving Hemodialysis

Objectives: Awareness of chronic kidney disease is important for compliance to treatment before the disease progresses to advanced stages. Low patient awareness causes the disease to advance to end-stage renal failure requiring high cost dialysis and kidney transplantation treatments. The objective of this study is to measure the awareness of chronic kidney disease in patients receiving hemodialysis and to assess the correlation of patient awareness with quality of life and depression. Additionally, this study assessed the importance of patient monitoring. Study design: This study is an evaluation and analysis study. Material &

Methods: A total of 213 hemodialysis patients from 7 centers in Giresun were enrolled in this study. Awareness, factors affecting awareness, quality of life (SF-36) and the Beck depression index of chronic kidney disease in patients receiving hemodialysis treatment.

Results: Of patients, 71.4% (n=152) were monitored by nephrology, 43.2% (n=92) were monitored by dieticians and 10.8% (n=23) were receiving psychological support. The awareness points of patients monitored by dieticians is significantly high compared with that of not under the control of dieticians. Also, the awareness points of patients monitored by nephrology is significantly lower compared with the patients not monitored by nephrology. There was no significant difference between awareness points of those who were receiving psychological support compared to those who were not.

Conclusions: Consultations with dieticians may provide positive support to increase the disease awareness of hemodialysis patients. Increasing disease awareness does not create a positive or negative situation in terms of depression and quality of life.

Keywords: Chronic kidney disease,Awareness, Hemodialysis, Quality of Life, Depression

Eurasian J Critical Care 2021; 3 (1):10-14
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